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Apple Valley Creamery Glass-Bottled Milk (Assorted Varieties, 3 Sizes)* **

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Apple Valley Creamery Glass-Bottled Milk (Assorted Varieties, 3 Sizes)

NOTE: Final prices compute when size and variation are selected.

About the Deposit Charge for the Apple Valley Creamery Glass Bottle

When purchasing a glass bottle milk for the first time, there is a $2 deposit on the bottle (in addition to the cost of the milk you are purchasing).

When returning your glass bottle, your $2 deposit carries over to any new milk you are purchasing, and you only pay for the new milk.

All glass bottles are $2; so if you choose to switch milk sizes, you can do that and just pay for the price of the milk you are getting.

If you are returning a glass bottle and do not purchase a new milk, you will get your $2 bottle deposit back for your Apple Valley Creamery bottle.

NOTE: Your purchase price includes the price of milk plus the bottle charge (+$2.00) for each milk that you purchase. When you indicate that you will be returning a glass bottle (use COUPON CODES at Checkout), the final price will remove the bottle charge (-$2.00) for each bottle you return. If you are not returning a bottle with the purchase, the +$2.00 will remain on your order (per milk purchased).

About Milk Special Orders

Apple Valley Creamery arrive to the farm stand every Wednesday after 1pm*. Therefore, the cutoff to order milk varieties designated as "special order" is on MONDAYS by 6PM. Currently, "special order" milk is: Whole White pints, Cream Line quarts and half gallons, Half & Half half gallons, and Heavy Cream half gallons.**

The rest of your order will be ready for the date and time that you specified upon ordering. The "special order" milk will be held for you and can be picked up after 1pm on Wednesdays. If you would like your entire order ready at the same time, please be sure to select Wednesday after 1pm or thereafter as your date and time to receive your order.

NOTE: You must have your glass bottle(s) with you when you pick up your "special order" milk. If you do not have your bottle(s) with you, you will be charged +$2.00 per milk ordered. (You will not lose your deposit, simply just bring your milk bottle with you the next time you visit the farm stand).

About Mocha & Orange Milks

Mocha and Orange Milk are rotated about every two months. For example, when Mocha Milk is listed on our online store, Orange Milk is not currently in production. Alternatively, when Orange Milk is listed on our online store, Mocha Milk is not currently in production.

*Every now and again, the Apple Valley Creamery milk truck runs late. We apologize for any inconvenience.

**NOTE: If you are ordering one of our special order milks, they will not be in your regular order unless you select a date and time on or after when our milk truck arrives. See About Milk Special Orders.

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