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Our Partners

We are excited to have all of the following partners bring their goods to Prince's Farm Stand. More partners to be announced soon!

NJ Produce: Tomatoes

New Jersey Hot House & Our Own Home Grown (all summer long!)

NJ Hothouse tomatoes are so delicious this season. A staple for salads, sauces & eating them just as they are. 


We currently have regular and cherry tomatoes available. 


Micky has been growing his famous tomatoes again this year. We will keep you posted when they are ready! 

Apple Valley Creamery (East Berlin, PA)


Our milk comes directly to us every Wednesday in glass bottles by a family-owned farm, Apple Valley Creamery, out of East Berlin, PA. They treat their animals with love & are Animal Welfare Approved. (AWA). They do not use any hormones & practice organic farming.


We have several kinds of milk. The chocolate & mocha milk are so tasty -- they always sells out! We also carry their freshly-made lemonade and black tea.


We also stock a line of their fresh, raw cheeses & grass-fed butter, which are as smooth as can be.


We carry wholesome yogurt, as well, which is made from the milk from Apple Valley Creamery.


To read more about the amazing dairy we carry (along with more about their farm and practices), please visit their Website.

Nature's Yoke (New Holland, PA)

Organic, Cage-Free Brown Eggs (DELIVERY EVERY WEDNESDAY)

Our brown eggs are from Nature's Yoke, a small family farm from New Holland, PA. They are also Grade A Large, free-roam, certified humane, as well as certified kosher.


Their focus is only on bringing you quality, farm-fresh eggs while maintaining excellence & integrity in how they run their business, how they treat their chickens, and their employees.


To read more about the incredible eggs we carry (along with more about their farm and practices), please visit their Website.

The Farmer and The Chickpea

Freshly-Prepared Meals & Salads (DELIVERIES OFTEN)

Please visit "This Week's Menu" to see this week's selections.


We are proud to announce our partnering with "The Farmer & The Chickpea" - a local, artisan food company that has taken Whitehouse Station by storm. 


They prepare all dishes with only high-quality, fresh ingredients. In fact, most of their vegetables come from a local farm ... right next door to their restaurant! Truly farm to table.


A traditional & simple approach makes their food unmistakably flavorful & all their own.


The portions are generous & easy to heat up for lunch or dinner.


No preservatives. Just natural goodness. Gluten-free, vegetarian & vegan options are also available.

Warren Street Roasting Co.

Organic, Fair-Trade Coffee

We are happy to be selling Warren Street Roasting Co.'s freshly-roasted, organic coffee -- with flavors of malt, milk chocolate & mild nougat.


Their coffee is roasted differently than most. Clean, hot air roasts this coffee for the highest quality -- right from their roaster to your cup. 


We offer both whole bean & ground coffee, which is also ground at by Warren Street right before it goes into its sealed bag. 


The current batch is grown in Honduras by a small co-op. Their coffee smells & tastes incredible! We're sure you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Francesca's Bakery of NYC

Fruit Pies, Sweet Breads & Quiches (DELIVERIES ON WEEKENDS)

Made exclusively for Prince's Farm Stand & delivered on Thursday and Saturday mornings for the freshest pies around, our fresh fruit pies, sweet breads & quiches are made from scratch with only natural ingredients by Francesca's Bakery, an amazing baker in New York City. 


No preservatives or additives are used -- ever. You can taste the freshness in the first bite. Truly homemade treats at their finest. 


Delivered weekly, here is a sampling of some of the varieties we carry:


Blueberry & Blueberry Crumb Pie

Apple Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Banana Walnut Bread

Carrot Bread

Lemon Poppy Loaf

Zucchini Bread

Spinach Focaccia Pie

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Apple Valley Creamery
Nature's Yoke
Farmer and The Chickpea
Warren Street Roasting Co.
Francesca's Bakery of NYC
NJ Produce: Tomatoes
Local Honey
Holly Jolly Jams
Sandy's Soy Candles
Biagio's Bakery
Peach Salsa

Local Honey

Pure & Natural Raw, Local Honey

We carry local honey - pure, natural, & raw harvested from certified, local bee keepers.


For maximum health benefits, we have selected honey from bees within a 20-mile radius.

Holly Jolly Jams

Jams & Jellies

We have partnered with Holly Jolly Jams to make the finest low-sugar jams & jellies that are produced in small batches.


Her exotic and unusual varieties use local produce whenever possible. Some of the selections include: 


Cowboy Candy

Chocolate Raspberry Jam

Apple Pie Jam

Pineapple Mango Habanero

Tropical Mixed Fruit Jam

Guinness Beer Jelly

Sandy's Soy Candles

Naturally-Scented Soy Candles

Another exclusive item for Prince's Farm Stand, these soy candles from "Inspire U 2 Think" are created by a local woman originally from Mountainside.


Sandy uses all-natural, non-synthetic essential oils & lead-free wicks to create a healthier, more sustainable candle & scent experience. Each candle has approximately 25 hours of burn time.


A portion of the proceeds from each candle goes to such non-profit organizations as Feeding America, The Ronald McDonald House, and the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund.


Every candle in the farm stand was selected by Heather Prince Murphy, many of which are also natural bug repellents, such as: 


Eucalyptus-Lemongrass Mint



Biagio's Bakery

Locally-Baked Fresh Bread

We are so excited to carry fresh, homemade bread by Biagio's Bakery in Stirling, NJ. Each loaf is baked early in the a.m. on the morning of a delivery, which is currently a few times a week.


It's our favorite bread, and we are so happy to be able to offer it at Prince's Farm Stand.

Peach Salsa from The Food Bank of South Jersey

"Just Peachy" Salsa with Jalapeños

A fast favorite at Prince's Farm Stand, everybody is talking about how delicious, unique & versatile "Just Peachy" Salsa is. 


Made with Jersey peaches, crushed tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeños onion, & garlic, it's great on tortilla chips, ham, and so much more! 


We are proud to carry this salsa, which is made possible by a partnership with the Food Bank of South Jersey, Campbell Soup Company, and Southern NJ peach growers. Using peaches that are considered undersized or slightly blemished to sell at retail, these nutritionally-sound peaches are saved from going into landfills & save local farmers thousands in dumping fees. 


It's a win-win for everyone. We know you will love it and think so, too!

To learn more about the "Just Peachy" Salsa, please click here

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